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During the Quality Gala on the 09.11.2012, at the castle in Olsztyn statuettes and awards were resented in the 8th edition of The Best Product and Service...



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Treatment of musculoskeletal disorders

The most common musculoskeletal disorders include:


  • congenital musculoskeletal disorders and defects, i.e. shoulder joint disorders, elbow joint disorders, hip joint disorders;
  • post-traumatic lesions, i.e. knee cruciate ligament damage, meniscus damage, muscle and muscle attachments damage, Achilles tendon damage, foot ligament damage, articular cartilage loss, etc.
  • degenerative spine and joint diseases, i.e.: degenerative changes of joints, spinal pain, discopathy, scoliosis,
  • inflammation and overuse of tendons and muscles: tennis elbow, golf elbow, calcanean spur,
  • bone tissue metabolic diseases,
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • and others.