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Physiotherapy is used as supplementary treatment or as the basic form of musculoskeletal treatment, in particular in the case of chronic disorders.


We offer a wide range of procedures:

Complex kinesitherapy - passive, passive-active, reinforcing, isometric and other exercises.



- joint immobilisation after injuries or operative procedures,

- osteoarthritis,

- rheumatoid diseases,

- neuromuscular coordination disorders,

- muscular atrophy and significant muscle weakness.

Medical massage (diagnostics and treatment of myofascial trigger points).

BTL-SWT shockwave therapy.

We have been the first to introduce shockwave therapy. We are one of the three practices in the warmińsko-mazurskie province where such procedures are provided. Shockwave is defined as a sudden pressure increase wave applied in short time followed by its gradual fall with a phase of slightly negative pressure.


The biological effects of the shockwave include: increase in cell membrane transmission, growth of blood vessels in the area of tendons and muscles, healing and remodelling of muscles, improvement of microcirculation and metabolism, maintenance of collagen production, analgesic effect.


Benefits of shockwave treatment: the body is not burdened with pharmaceutical agents, possibility of limiting surgical interventions, minimisation of absenteeism at work or on sports training.



- plantar fasciitis (calcanean spur),

- Achilles tendon pain,

- shoulder tendonitis and shoulder tendon calcification,

- pain in the groin area,

- epicondylitis (tennis elbow or golf elbow),

- patellar apex syndrome and tibia border syndrome, patellar ligament inflammation,

- pain in the hip area, hamstring transplant area, at the palmar side of the wrist,

- painful points in muscles.


Physical therapy

We offer a wide range of physical therapy procedures, such as:


  • Laser therapy - indicated for pains in the spine, neurological disorders, to stimulate healing and regeneration of tissue processes, osteoarthritis, healing post-operative wounds. Also has analgesic effect.
  • Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) - indicated for arthritis, shoulder and elbow pains, peripheral joint injuries (sprains, dislocations), bruising, chronic musculoskeletal pain and other disorders.
  • Ultrasound - helpful in the case of discopathy, trigeminal nerve neuralgia, Dupuytren's contracture, overuse syndrome.
  • Phonophoresis - is the use of ultrasound to enhance administration of medicines which is indicated in post-traumatic conditions, such as bruising, dislocation, sprain, haematoma, inflammatory conditions or post-operative adhesion.
  • Magnetic field - applied in the case of healing resistant wounds, burns, delayed union of fractured bones, dislocation, sprains, injuries of tendons, ligaments and joint capsules, neuralgia as well as osteoporosis.
  • Ionophoresis - used for cicatrices, cicatricial contractures, Sudeck's syndrome, hindered union of fractured bones, chronic inflammatory conditions of joins and the periarticular area.
  • Diadynamic currents (Bernard's currents) - applied in the case of spondyloarthritis, peri-articular inflammation, vascular disorders, posttraumatic disorders of joints, tendons, muscles, neuralgia as well as muscular atrophy due to inactivity.
  • Tens - transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation applied in the case of spinal pain, neurogenic pains, rheumatic pains, posttraumatic and post-operative pains, osteoarthritis, ischialgia, torticollis. The procedure relieves pain, stimulates the release of endorphins to the bloodstream, improves blood supply and facilitates competitive sports activity.
  • Interferential currents (Nemec currents) - stimulate reduction of swelling, hyperaemia, also indicated in posttraumatic conditions, lesions in the peripheral joint area, limited activity, muscular atrophy due to inactivity, rheumatic lesions and blood circulation disorders.